Why ZeOMS?

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  • Are you tired of managing paper documents in your Organization?
  • Are you worried that your productivity is affected due to manual processes?
  • Are you thinking of a way to reduce cost by automating your  manual processes?
  • Are you looking for a key to alter the modus operandi of your Organization?
If the answer to any one of the above questions is Yes, then we believe ZeOMS is the right choice for you. 

Please check out the details below to know why we believe that ZeOMS is the right choice for you, or please feel free to...

The Benefits of ZeOMS

ZeOMS is the best in class e-Office Management / HRMS Application developed by Zermelo® Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which embraces the organization’s goals of “Automation Everywhere”


Improved Data Management

ZeOMS manages all your employee data including attendance, holidays, leave, pay and more…


Time Saving and Data Accuracy

ZeOMS provides the controls that will  eliminate rework and save the time spent on manual record keeping and paperwork. It guarantees data accuracy at all times.


Employee Self Service

ZeOMS enables employees to view and update their own personal records.


Improved Security

ZeOMS strengthens your business’ security by keeping your confidential data organized in a centralized secured location that can be accessed only by authorized persons.


Convenient Work Environment

ZeOMS enables employees at their desk or mobile to seamlessly follow your HR processes and policies from leave to performance appraisals.


Enhanced Productivity and Maximized ROI

ZeOMS  streamlines your business by freeing up the time for managers and HR staff increasing productivity and  reducing costs.

The Use of ZeOMS

ZeOMS is intuitive and “User friendly” making it quick and easy to find information

Ease of Use

ZeOMS intuitive user interface has been designed to get users rapidly to information and work items, using the  minimum number of clicks. Dashboards and “My” functions provide quick access to more frequently used features of ZeOMS.

Online Help Manual

ZeOMS has online help available throughout the application. From any screen or function a user can click the help button, which fast tracks them to that relevant section in the online manual to provide guidance on how to complete or use that feature or function.


ZeOMS is tested using fully automated test scripts to ensure best-in-class quality product been delivered. Any changes in ZeOMS are fully regression tested using automated test scripts, which enables us to deliver changes quickly, and yet maintain the quality of the product.


ZeOMS has been performance tested with automated test tools to deliver  a highly performant application to users. ZeOMS  performance is regularly monitored / scaled to ensure that our services levels are maintained at all times.

The Value of ZeOMS

ZeOMS is designed to give Organizations the flexibility they need to manage their office at great ‘Value for Money’.



ZeOMS is supported by a highly skilled team with fully automated system monitoring and support processes, which ensures ZeOMS is always available and that we can respond quickly and effectively to clients requests.



ZeOMS is a role based application, which ensures user can only access the data they are authorized to view or update. ZeOMS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that secures your data at all times during transmission (in use).  Advanced server and storage technology protects your data at rest (stored) with AES-256 encryption to ensure highest level of security for your data at all times.



ZeOMS is highly configurable to support your organization’s requirements and polices: Structure, Departments, Locations, Roles, Leave, Holidays, Timesheets, Projects, Resource allocation  etc.

Available (On-Cloud Infrastructure)

Available (On-Cloud Infrastructure)

ZeOMS is deployed on high-end cloud infrastructure with the best-in-class infrastructure resources to ensure that clients receive the highest levels of reliability, flexibility, scalability and performance.  These centralized services ensure that ZeOMS is available with accurate and up to date  information for clients to securely access via desktop or mobile devices.

ZeOMS at a Glance


  • ZeOMS has provided my business the platform to manage all employee information with the assurance of a secure and easy to use product. ZeOMS has simplified our HR processes from day one and enabled employees to take control of their own personal data, improving the overall efficiency of our operations.
    Stuart Williams Director, SIW IT Consultancy Limited, UK
  • ZeOMS has got an easy report management which provides accurate reports, automated as well as on demand. Attendance, leave management, employee data management has made my team's life easy. ZeOMS is very user friendly, editable tabs for frequently changing values makes it free from being admin dependent and makes it a self-help module.
    Wasifa Raj CEO, Skyward Konnect Global Workforce
  • ZeOMS has helped us in “Process automation” of attendance and time keeping. Not only does this kind of automation helps us to keep the process to the timetable but it also encourages proper preparation and prioritizes follow up.
    Parul Sharma Manager, Software Department, Manuh Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
  • ZeOMS has been integrated with our existing biometric attendance system smoothly. Missing and less hours are being calculated and if there are less hours, the application automatically sends email to the employee to regularize the attendance. We were facing issues with manual leave tracking process and ZeOMS has eased the employees with instant view of their leave balance. The login page with positive notes is very inspirational. Employees recieve birthday wishes which is one more feather to the crown. Thanks for providing us with this wonderful tool.
    Dinesh V HOD - LPO Division, Datascribe Infotech Pvt. Ltd.