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Why ZeOMS?

Reasons you would want to choose ZeOMS

ZeOMS manages all your employee data including attendance, holidays, leave, pay and more…

ZeOMS enables employees to view and update their own personal records.

ZeOMS helps in automating repetitive HR tasks like timekeeping, payroll, benefits, statutory compliances etc. and thus, allows you to focus on your core business activities.

ZeOMS provides the controls that will eliminate rework and save the time spent on manual record keeping and paperwork. It guarantees data accuracy at all times.

ZeOMS enables employees at their desk or mobile to seamlessly follow your HR processes and policies from leave to performance appraisals.

ZeOMS streamlines your business by freeing up the time for managers and HR staff increasing productivity and reducing costs.

ZeOMS intuitive user interface has been designed to get users rapidly to information and work items, using the minimum number of clicks. Dashboards and “My” functions provide quick access to more frequently used features of ZeOMS.

ZeOMS has online help available throughout the application. From any screen or function a user can click the help button, which fast tracks them to that relevant section in the online manual to provide guidance on how to complete or use that feature or function.

ZeOMS is tested using fully automated test scripts to ensure best-in-class quality product been delivered. Any changes in ZeOMS are fully regression tested using automated test scripts, which enables us to deliver changes quickly, and yet maintain the quality of the product.

ZeOMS has been performance tested with automated test tools to deliver a highly performant application to users. ZeOMS performance is regularly monitored / scaled to ensure that our services levels are maintained at all times.

ZeOMS is supported by a highly skilled team with fully automated system monitoring and support processes, which ensures ZeOMS is always available and that we can respond quickly and effectively to clients requests.

ZeOMS is highly configurable to support your organization’s requirements and polices: Structure, Departments, Locations, Roles, Leave, Holidays, Timesheets, Projects, Resource allocation etc.

ZeOMS is a role based application, which ensures user can only access the data they are authorized to view or update. ZeOMS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that secures your data at all times during transmission (in use). Advanced server and storage technology protects your data at rest (stored) with AES-256 encryption to ensure highest level of security for your data at all times.

ZeOMS is deployed on high-end cloud infrastructure with the best-in-class infrastructure resources to ensure that clients receive the highest levels of reliability, flexibility, scalability and performance. These centralized services ensure that ZeOMS is available with accurate and up to date information for clients to securely access via desktop or mobile devices.


Features of ROOK ZeOMS Rook Plan

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Add-on Features and ServicesADD-on Features

Apart from the standard features in each of the plans Rook, Knight, Queen or King, ZeOMS offers some Add-on Features and Services which helps the organization go completely paperless. Add-on Features are charged on a monthly price depending on the feature selected. Add-on Services are usually charged one-time fee depending on the service required.

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Live Demo

Experience before you choose ZeOMS

ZeOMS is a role based application, which ensures user can only access the data they are authorized to view / add / edit. ZeOMS Demo Company is an imaginary company we have created for you to understand and get hands on the features and functionalities of ZeOMS before you can choose ZeOMS for your organization. Before you have a look at the our demo site, we recommend you to take a look at the key persons of the company and the roles they play in the company. ZeOMS Demo Company consists of 29 employees (including the MD), 8 departments and has its presence in 3 different locations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll / register for ZeOMS?

    First of all, thanks in showing interest in ZeOMS. If you are interested in ZeOMS, please contact us with your details in the 'Contact Us' section. First we will arrange a demo with our representative where we would show you ZeOMS in action which would be either face-to-face or virtual meeting. While providing the demo of our application, we would like to understand your current state and business processes. After the demo, we would also provide you the access to ZeOMS demo site so that you can understand the sytem better. We would also roll-out a questionnaire to you to understand your requirements, processes and organization policies better. Once you are convinced that ZeOMS would fit in your requirements and we understand that ZeOMS is the right fit for your organization, we would go ahead and create your organization in ZeOMS with the details provided by you in questionnaire. That's it! Your organization is now enrolled with ZeOMS.

  • Yes, ZeOMS has been designed in a highly modular way. If you believe that only certain features from certain plans is what you need, we can switch on /off certain features as per your requirement. In such case, a custom pricing would be offered to you based on the features that you would require only and you would not be charged for the features that you do not require.

  • ZeOMS is highly configurable and customizable by design, i.e. most of the customizations are covered as configurable items for example, leave policies, timesheet policies, employee benefits etc. Business processes involved in the standard offerings by ZeOMS like Leave, Attendance, Timesheet, Payroll etc. that are organization specific are customizable too, without any extra charges. But, in case you need a new feature that would be needed for your organization, we would understand the requirements and if we believe that adds value to ZeOMS offerings, we would add it as an Add-on feature instead of charging you the entire cost of such customizations. Worst case, if such customizations are very organization specific and cannot be added to ZeOMS offerings, we would do the customizations as a part of services offered which would charged a one-time fee depending on the efforts required for such customizations.

  • No, ZeOMS is offered based on monthly charges for the plan chosen. Hence, irrespective of the plan chosen, there is no minimum commitment required. But in case you choose to go with yearly plans (yearly commitment), you would get a tenure discount based on the number of years you commit.

  • ZeOMS application support team works 12x6 i.e. Monday to Saturday for 12 hours in a day for all regular application support related activities and queries. The exact timings would cover the regular office hours of 9 AM to 6 PM in your country. For higher serverity issues like SEV1 and SEV2 issues, ZeOMS support representatives are availabe 24x7. ZeOMS support is available over email, phone, WhatsApp and Skype.

  • Yes, we provide free training to the key persons of your organization (of different roles) during onboarding phase, on train the trainer basis. There is no time limit or extra charges for this activity. We make sure that the key persons of the organizations get enough hand-holding and understand the system well which is the only completion criteria for such a training. The key persons of the organizations are expected to take responsibility to train the rest of the employees of the organization.


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